Monday, February 05, 2007

Reminiscing About Blog Bastille Day

Almost a year ago to the day, Fafnir wrote:
This year brought us the Blog Revolution, which wasn't that big but moved so fast it went from Blog Bastille Day to the Blog Reign of Terror to the Blog Buncha Ol Fat Guys Talkin About Blog Bastille Day in like a week!
I have this "friend" who has a problem. Perhaps you, dear reader, can help. This "friend" is a pseudononymous blogger--and I use that term loosley since he's been a lazy blogger lately--who happens to work for an academic journal. This "friend" is thinking about soliciting articles and reviews for a section on online criticism. Who should s/he ask? While there were some excellent papers given at MLA, my "friend" wants to address some issues that weren't raised or expand on some that need to be expanded.

This need not be limited to "blogs" per se, but could include all manner of web-only criticism, literary, cultural, or otherwise. Any ideas?


Sisyphus said...

Ahh, Fafblog ... I miss them! When will the evil overlord let them out of their tower?

I don't have names or anything to help you out for your "friend's" special issue, sorry. But I just found out that most of my grad cohort are writing on LiveJournal (which seems to be a separate, parallel world to blog-world) and maybe someone could address that trend? Also, most everything I've seen has been about blogging in English (it being the only language I can read fluently also limits me) but I heard that the vast majority of blogs and websites are not in English ... maybe someone could investigate blogs in other languages?

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